I’m having two problems right now in studying Italian. (Italian Version)


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  1. Lack of structure
  2. Thinking in English

Lack of structure

Without structure I get less done each day. I have lots of energy in the morning. But after lunch I just want to have fun. Drink a beer or play on the computer.

Also I’m too nice to myself. The goal I planned yesterday is just an option today. It’s no longer a requirement. Instead I let myself choose something fun to do.

What am I going to do? First, I realize it’s a problem. Second, I remind myself that I told everyone I have a mission. Third, I made a checklist in Excel. Every day I have to check that I studied vocabulary, that I had a conversation, and that I read a book or listened to a podcast.

Thinking in English


And they all speak English…


I want to write this blog to share my adventure. But writing in English means thinking in English. However, I need to think in Italian. So I’m going to try writing in Italian. (Also with a translation.)

There’s a nearby bar that I like a lot. I go there every morning. But they usually play music in English. Listening to English means thinking in English. So I just have to take my earphones and play some jazz to cover up their music.

Also, there’s a waiter who likes to speak English. He’s a good guy, but I don’t want to speak English. Speaking English means….yeah, thinking in English. So I told him to speak only in Italian. When he speaks in English I say “I don’t understand” – with a smile – and he switches to Italian.

So, you just have to know the problems that are blocking your goals. Then you can look for what needs to change to fix the situation.

Good luck with your objectives. Let me know below what your goals are and what is getting in the way.

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  1. Megan

    In church we’ve been learning about David, and in his battles with Goliath and lust for Bathsheeba, the pastor asked, “what do you have to do today to achieve your goals for tomorrow?” It’s a challenging question and points out that things don’t “just happen.” Nothing is by chance. Nobody falls or rises in an instant, everything is a process. You’re doing great!


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