One Last Time At

Clos LaChance Winery

Clos LaChance Winery

In seven days I leave California. For 15 years I’ve been visiting the bay area, and I’ve called it home for the last five. Every year I’ve found a new restaurant or destination to savor. And soon I will have my last time at each of them. If I haven’t already.

Here are a few that mean the most to me.

Saddle Rack country dance club in Fremont

I found this place about a year ago. It’s my Friday night destination. I burn some calories. I show off my dance moves. I learn new ones. I practice flirting. I’ve made friends. I’ve gone on dates with some of them. My last visit will be next Friday.

Clos LaChance winery in San Martin

I’ve been a member for a year. The setting is gorgeous, the wine is delicious, and the staff is delightful. Bring a picnic of fine cheeses, olives, and salami to pair with the wine and share over conversation with a group of friends outdoors. Every time has been amazing. My last visit: this past Monday.

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This month is going by way too fast! I have too many things left to do! Everyone asks if I’m excited…the truth is I’m panicking! (Then going into denial. Then panicking. Then…)

Way, way back right after Christmas I still had five weeks to get ready. It seemed like plenty of time. No worries at all. Now I’m freaking out! Where did the time go? Why didn’t I get more done over the last two weeks?! Oh, yeah, it’s cause I downplay the urgency and spend too much time having fun instead.

Here’s what I have to do before I leave. No problem. It’ll be easy. (Yeah, sure. Right.)

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