This month is going by way too fast! I have too many things left to do! Everyone asks if I’m excited…the truth is I’m panicking! (Then going into denial. Then panicking. Then…)

Way, way back right after Christmas I still had five weeks to get ready. It seemed like plenty of time. No worries at all. Now I’m freaking out! Where did the time go? Why didn’t I get more done over the last two weeks?! Oh, yeah, it’s cause I downplay the urgency and spend too much time having fun instead.

Here’s what I have to do before I leave. No problem. It’ll be easy. (Yeah, sure. Right.)

  • Sell my car
  • Put my furniture in storage
  • Figure out how to keep my phone number and get my phone unlocked
  • Donate my extra clothes and books and gadgets
  • Open a Schwab bank account
  • Set up a mailbox forwarding service
  • Order business cards that have my blog address and mailing list
  • Create a mailing list to put on the business cards
  • Get a new pair of sunglasses
  • Order other gadgets for travel – spend Amazon gift certificates
  • Get my annual physical and eye exam and any shots I need

The bizarre thing is that I have a to-do list. And then I rebel against my it. My brain sabotages “planner-me.” When it comes time to execute, it finds other shiny objects to chase. Here’s what I’m supposed to be doing:

  1. Completing the to-do list
  2. Practicing Italian
  3. Getting fit after the holidays
  4. And…my job at work

What am i doing instead? “More important” activities like:

  • One last stand-up comedy night
  • Visiting wineries with friends
  • Playing Civilization 5

This is what scares me about my whole trip. I’m worried I’ll totally underestimate my time in each country. I’ll spend two months getting settled and then only have two weeks for my main mission: learning the language.

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