Language Log – Italian


I’m counting this as my first entry in my Italian Language Log. The first step is to state my goal for the language. I want to be able to:

  1. Communicate in Italian about errands in daily life: shopping, dining, transportation, lodging, banking, internet, etc.
  2. Tell my favorite stories and answer questions
  3. Tell jokes
  4. Get to know people: where they are from, what they do, what they like, where they travel
  5. Be playful
  6. Carry on a conversation for 15 minutes

I spent five minutes brainstorming this, so it may change. Better to put something down than wait until it’s perfect.

This was not my idea. I just cracked open my copy of the Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis of Fluent in Three Months. This comes from chapter 2.

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