One Last Time At

Clos LaChance Winery

Clos LaChance Winery

In seven days I leave California. For 15 years I’ve been visiting the bay area, and I’ve called it home for the last five. Every year I’ve found a new restaurant or destination to savor. And soon I will have my last time at each of them. If I haven’t already.

Here are a few that mean the most to me.

Saddle Rack country dance club in Fremont

I found this place about a year ago. It’s my Friday night destination. I burn some calories. I show off my dance moves. I learn new ones. I practice flirting. I’ve made friends. I’ve gone on dates with some of them. My last visit will be next Friday.

Clos LaChance winery in San Martin

I’ve been a member for a year. The setting is gorgeous, the wine is delicious, and the staff is delightful. Bring a picnic of fine cheeses, olives, and salami to pair with the wine and share over conversation with a group of friends outdoors. Every time has been amazing. My last visit: this past Monday.

Portable Deliciousness

Wine Tree

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery tasting room in Sunnyvale

The staff here are as nerdy as I am. So are most of the clientele. It’s a great spot to recharge my extrovert batteries. The raspberry cider with raspberry mead and chocolate raspberry port is my go-to drink. My last visit: a couple of weeks ago.

"My Little Pony"

Black Cherry Cider over Lemonade Cider

Garden City Church in San Jose

Before the silicon industry, San Jose was full of orchards and was called the Garden City. The group is a family that is always welcoming to new people. They’re not perfect, and they don’t pretend to be. The weekly neighborhood groups of ten to twenty people is where the deep relationships form.

With all of the above, I have asked myself “why didn’t I found out about them earlier?”

Others I’m hoping I can do one more time this week:

  • Caltrain to San Francisco and happy hour at Thirsty Bear Brewery
  • A beer at Lúpulo’s craft beer house in Santa Cruz
  • A Reuben at The Refuge in San Carlos
  • A glass of wine (or Port!) at Savvy Cellar in Mountain View
  • See the Diablo Mountains on my drive to work and the Santa Cruz Mountains on my drive home

Ones I’ve probably done for the last time:

  • Mojo Monday Line Dancing in San Jose (last Monday)
  • A Brass Monkey deep dish pizza at Blue Line Pizza in Mountain View (last Saturday)
  • Tapas at Cascal in Mountain View (two weeks ago)
  • Drive up Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay
  • See the Monarchs at Natural Bridges State Beach
Still amazing!

There used to way more of these

Some of the places that delight us get a permanent spot in our schedule. Others get forgotten until we know we’re leaving. Think about a place you haven’t been in a while that you would go to “one last time” if you were leaving. Post about it in the comments. Then go there.

I’m serious. Put it on your calendar today. Go there by the end of February.

No Dance on the Drinks Floor

Saddle Rack Friends

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